Love Alaska

JUNE 7 – 8, 2014

Cuddy Family Midtown Park

By the Anchorage Loussac Library



Luis Palau and his ministry have shared the Gospel with more than 1 billion people through evangelistic events and media. He has spoken in person to 30 million people in 75 countries with more than 1 million registered decisions for Jesus Christ. He has authored close to 50 books, contributed articles on issues of faith to countless publications, and counseled business leaders, political leaders, and heads of state around the world.

Luis’ radio broadcasts in English and Spanish are heard by millions on 3,500 radio outlets in 48 countries. Among other top-tier programs, Luis currently hosts Luis Palau Responde, an international Q&A program in Spanish that deals with spiritual issues ranging from marriage to the occult, and Reaching Your World, a devotional-style program featuring tools for evangelism and biblical wisdom broadcast daily on some of the most popular Christian radio stations in the United States.

Luis Palau festivals have produced some of the largest audiences ever recorded in cities from south Florida to South America. His ministry also includes Next Generation Alliance®. More than 500 evangelists are currently a part of this worldwide alliance that allows partner evangelists to collaborate, draw guidance and resources from Palau’s vast experience, and become equipped to reach the world for Christ.

Luis’ latest book, Out of the Desert…into the Life God Fully Intended, was released in the United States in 2012. Luis and his wife, Pat, live in Portland, Oregon, along with their four sons (three of whom are actively involved in the ministry), and twelve grandchildren.



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What happens when the Church is unified around loving and serving in the name of Jesus Christ? Walls are broken down. Stereotypes are forgotten. The Gospel is accepted a little more readily and people are willing to listen a little bit more closely.

Season of Service is a movement to unite our community around loving and serving our region. The vision for this initiative began in 2008 in Portland, Oregon, when church leaders collaborated with civic and community leaders to meet the most prominent and crucial needs of their city. Thousands of volunteers from dozens of churches worked together in various service projects to meet those needs, resulting in a lasting, transformative movement that has produced greater openness to the Gospel.

Now it’s time for Anchorage to feel the lasting, transformative power of this collaborative campaign. In Anchorage, the Season of Service will focus on education, hunger, homelessness, underserved and at-risk populations, health and wellness, and neighborhood revitalization.



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